Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5th grade Class Projects for the school auction 2012

12x24" photos mounted as a standout. Two printed on metallic B/W paper, and 2 metallic color.

Ms. Price Class Auction
Mr. Lawrence Class Project
Ms. Gerner's Class Project
Mr. von Euler Project


Hillary said...

I love how these turned out for the auction. I would love to share this with my PTO. Could you please share any tips you have on how you created them.

january stewart said...

Hi Hillary,

This was quite a bit of work. First I shot each of the "stars" by having 5 students come into the hallway and gather around a white piece of foam core which was placed on the ground. They all put one hand in, and joined together to make the star. I stood directly overhead to get the shot. Then I got the next group of 5 students. And so on. In a few classes I had one or two left over students. I shot their hands solo. Then in Photoshop I combined the different shots together. This took the most time. I played around with the layout until it all fit together nicely. Then I ordered 12x24" standouts from my lab (White House Custom Color). Cheers!